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Polyester Rope

   Polyester rope is the most popular general purpose rope in the
boating industry because is has the best resistance to abrasion and ultra-violet rays.  It is a continuous multifilament low-stretch yarn, and our polyester rope is manufactured using premium grade fibers. This results in a longer service life, yet remains flexible and easy to handle.
  • High strength                                          
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Sure gripping surface
  • Excellent wet/dry strength retention
  • Stays flexible and easy-to-handle
  • Moderate stretch
  • Easy to splice
3-Strand Polyester Rope
3-Strand Polyester Rope
3-strand polyester rope constructed using high quality fibers to ensure consistency and a longer useful life. High strength, abrasion resistance, and has excellent wet/dry strength retention. Stays flexible and easy to handle.
Solid Braid Polyester
Solid Braid Polyester
An all polyester cord that is low stretch and extremely durable and strong. It is abrasion resistant and does not rot or mildew. It also is not affected by water, gas, grease, and oil.