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Decorative Ropes

    Rope can give the authenticity you're looking for when decorating the home or business.  Whether it be the final element to your landscaping project or giving your restaurant the perfect nautical theme, these products will help you get the look you're searching for. Each material offers a range of custom cut lengths in stock, and please contact us to order the exact lengths and requirements you need. 
   Make sure to view our picture catalog, and send us your own!  We love to see and hear what our customers are doing.  
Manila rope has become the most popular rope for marine theme applications. It has the most economical value, which makes it ideal for when large amounts is necessary. Restaurants, miniature golf courses, and amusement parks all use Manila rope to tie their walkways and themes together.
The most popular rope in the boating industry is Polyester, so go no further in searching for something that really brings the authenticity to your nautical theme. Whether it be a tied with bouys or for handrails on the boardwalk, Polyester rope can give you the look you want with a long service life.
Cotton is the softest of all fibers, so it is ideal for when abrasion is a factor. Great for handrails and decorative boundaries. We also offer 100% cotton, perfect when using with animals and pets.