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Home & Garden Ropes

Home and Garden Ropes
It is that time of the year to plant the gardens and spruce up the yard, and you may find yourself needing some all purpose home and garden ropes to help with the work. Whether you need some clothesline, tie-offs and lashing for the garden, or just some utility line around the yard, we offer something for every application.
We don't have what you need? Contact us with a call or e-mail because we probably have it. Beyond our online catalog, we offer a wide variety of sash cords, clotheslines, and twines, so make sure you ask us first before paying more elsewhere.
Solid Braid Polyester
Solid Braid Polyester
Great all-purpose rope! It has low stretch and is extremely durable and strong. It is abrasion resistant and does not rot or mildew. It is also not affected by water, gas, grease, and oil.
100% Sisal rope
100% Sisal rope
Sisal is a low priced natural fiber rope that can hold a knot well. Used for many light uses around the home, for example gardening, bundling, and is ideal for 'one way' tiedowns! (Rope used above is Sisal).
Camo Cord
Camo Cord
Our camo cords are made with a 100% Polypropylene camouflage design. These cords are great for camping, hunting, and other outdoor activities.