Economy Nylon Rope


3-Strand Twisted Construction Nylon Rope


Our economy grade of nylon rope that still meets accepted standards for strength.

  • Abrasion resistant
  • High stretch
  • Excellent wet/dry strength retention
  • Sure gripping surface
  • Stays flexible and easy-to-handle
  • Easy to splice


Nylon Rope | Tensile Strengths

Rope Dia.Rope Cir.NYLON
3/16in5/8in1000 lbs
1/4in3/4in1650 lbs
5/16in1in2550 lbs
3/8in1-1/8in3700 lbs
7/16in1-1/4in5000 lbs
1/2in1-1/2in6400 lbs
9/16in1-3/4in8000 lbs
5/8in2in10400 lbs
3/4in2-1/4in14200 lbs
13/16in2-1/2in17000 lbs
7/8in2-3/4in20000 lbs
1in3in25000 lbs
1-1/8in3-1/2in33000 lbs
1-1/4in3-3/4in37500 lbs
1-1/2in4-1/2in53000 lbs
1-5/8in5in65000 lbs
1-3/4in5-1/2in78000 lbs
Working Loads11% of Breaking Test

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