Floating Security Line


The Floating Security Line is a security line for water rescue, rafting, boating or towing. The rope is made of a 16-plait XLF (extremely light fiber) hollow weave. This construction and material make the line buoyant and easy to splice. Its high visibility colors make it easy to see.

  • Good handling
  • Excellent floating characteristics
  • Yellow/red signal safety colors for high visibility
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Floating Security Line is the perfect blend of price and safety for all water rescue and security applications where rope certification is not a requirement. It is made of a 16 strand extremely light fiber (XLF) hollow weave braid and its 100% polypropylene construction makes the line buoyant and very easy to splice. The red and yellow signal colors give this safety and rescue rope high visibility. Floating Security Line comes in 8mm and 10mm diameters and a host of lengths to fit any of your rescue or safety needs.
Floating Security Line is ideal for rafting, boating, river crossing guidelines, swimming area buoys, towing or any other applications where floating rope that does not need to be certified may be used.


  • Soft, supple and good handling
  • Very good floating characteristics
  • Constructed of Extremely Light Fiber (XLF) Polypropylene
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Easy to splice
  • Perfect for crossing river guidelines, swimming area buoys, towing
Material: polypropylene
Floating Security Line | Product Specifications

Made in the USA!


Ø Weight Min. Breaking Strength: Free length
mm inch g/m lbs/100 daN lbf
8 5/16 21 1.41 630 1410
10 3/8 33 2.22 810 1820