Glider Climbing | Dynamic Rope


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Glider is one of our dynamic climbing ropes made in the U.S. Certified to EN 892 and UIAA 101, this climbing rope features a design that is fundamentally different from other climbing ropes.

Glider boasts a unique twill cover structure, the so-called Twill Pattern Technology (TPT).  TPT creates a smoother cover which, by reducing drag, literally zips through the belay device. Glider comes in different diameters and colors. It is also available as bi-pattern ropes on which the rope pattern changes after half of the rope. This way, climbers always know how much rope they have left – a considerable safety advantage. In addition to bi-pattern ropes, Glider ropes with a Digi-Camo camouflage color model were developed specifically for the U.S. Armed Forces.

 The advantages of Glider climbing ropes are:

  • Twill Pattern Technology (TPT)
  • Excellent value for money
  • 7 standard falls
  • Very grippy

Glider Dynamic Rope