KM-III MAX Static Rope | 32-Strand Polyester


KM-III Max is a static low-rotation rope featuring a unique twill design. It is ideal for work positioning tasks and smooth descents.

Standards: EN 1981B (10 mm), EN 1891A (11, 12 mm), NFPA 1983:2012
Core: polyamide
Cover: polyester
Braid: 32

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The static kernmantle rope KM III Max from Teufelberger® was originally designed for work positioning applications, KM-III Max also represents an excellent choice for heavy exposure fixed lines, big wall hauling, caving, and a variety of rescue and evacuation scenarios.

The key distinguishing feature of KM-III Max is our Twill Pattern Technology (TPT). It makes the cover smoother, thus reducing drag and providing better controllability during descents. Its smooth, almost unprofiled cover enables better braking, faster ascents, and ultimate abrasion resistance.




KM-III Max features:

  • TPT construction
  • abrasion resistance

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