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MAXIM’s Pinnacle is a lightweight 9.5mm rope designed to meet the needs of today’s sport climber. It is light enough for redpointing, but still has the legendary durability for which MAXIM is known. Pinnacle is also an option for the trad climber who wants to climb longer pitches without adding weight or sacrificing durability and abrasion resistance. All Pinnacle ropes have an Endura DRY-treated core. Some versions are 2x-DRY meaning that we coat the sheath as well. These models meet the UIAA Dry standard, making Pinnacle a good choice for a lightweight single ice rope as well.

The sheath of the Pinnacle series features our Twill Pattern technology (TPT) which makes it super smooth for raps and minimizes drag on your pro. Our friend, Randy W from the Subaru Adventure Team, calls the Pinnacle Yellow Jacket the “buttery snake” due to its superior handling. It is one of the best ropes available on the market today!


  • Very light rope
  • Abrasion resistant and long-lasting
  • Twill pattern sheath technology
  • Available in regular and bi-pattern
  • All models feature Endura DRY-treated core
  • Select models are 2x-DRY treated
  • UIAA water-repellent

Pinnacle Climbing Rope | Product Specifications