Premium Nylon Rope


3-Strand Twisted Construction Nylon Rope


Nylon is the strongest of all fibers, 2.5X that of manila. It also has the greatest stretch, making it ideal for anchor ropes and mooring lines but difficult to use where stretch is not desired.

  • Abrasion resistant
  • High stretch
  • Excellent wet/dry strength retention
  • Sure gripping surface
  • Stays flexible and easy-to-handle
  • Easy-to-splice
  • Available on 600ft reel (188m)


Nylon Rope | Tensile Strengths

Rope Dia.Rope Cir.NYLON
3/16in5/8in1000 lbs
1/4in3/4in1650 lbs
5/16in1in2550 lbs
3/8in1-1/8in3700 lbs
7/16in1-1/4in5000 lbs
1/2in1-1/2in6400 lbs
9/16in1-3/4in8000 lbs
5/8in2in10400 lbs
3/4in2-1/4in14200 lbs
13/16in2-1/2in17000 lbs
7/8in2-3/4in20000 lbs
1in3in25000 lbs
1-1/8in3-1/2in33000 lbs
1-1/4in3-3/4in37500 lbs
1-1/2in4-1/2in53000 lbs
1-5/8in5in65000 lbs
1-3/4in5-1/2in78000 lbs
Working Loads11% of Breaking Test

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