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Arborist Ropes

   Whether you're an arborist needing some premium quality tree climbing ropes or just on your own, these ropes should give you the performance you need at a very competitive price. Be sure to read and compare each product's characteristics as you look for the right lines for your application. We offer a variety of lengths to choose from (120', 150', 600'), and be sure to note the tensile strengths and working characteristics that are provided. 
Fly / Dragonfly / Firefly
Fly / Dragonfly / Firefly
The Fly series is a 7/16" (11mm) 24-Strand Climbing Rope that is engineered to stay firm and round, which significantly reduces the glazing that can occure when ropes flatten out in hardware, yet is supple enough to tie into and hold knots.
Safety Blue / Hi-Vee / Ultra-Vee
Safety Blue / Hi-Vee / Ultra-Vee
Braided Safety Blue (1/2"/12mm) has become the industry standard 16-strand climbing rope. Manufactured using strands of tightly plied polyester fiber over fibrilated polyolefin fiber bundles. Is treated with a special formula to enhance abrasion resistance, knotability, and grip.
KM-III is the industry standard static rope in rescue and rappelling operations. It is manufactured using a polyester cover over a nylon core. The polyester in the cover absorbs less water, has lower stretch, and is more abrasion resistant than nylon used in other commercially available static lines.
KM-III MAX is a well-balanced, low rotation, unique twill design that makes for a great static rope for work placement and smooth descents. It is also ideal for heavy exposure fixed lines, big wall hauling, caving and a variety of rescue operations.
Tachyon a 24-strand climbing rope (11.5mm) that stays firm and round while permitting spliced eyes in one or both ends of the rope. It has low stretch at low loads for less bounce while climbing and high stretch at high loads to minimize impact in the event of a fall.
Safety Pro 12
Safety Pro 12
Safety Pro 12 has a unique design that results in a rope that is easy to knot yet resists flattening which is common on other 12-strand climbing ropes. Its high strength and great abrasion resistance also make it a great rigging rope